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Sad News

After 43 years the Iolanda GSD Kennels at Cromwell Road Wisbech are due to close by Nov 2021

After all Tina's 40 years of work to have and breed outstanding GSD's supported in those last years and carried on since her passing by Julie everything has been thrown away in last 18 months .

The dogs are NOT up for rehoming as Julie is fighting to keep them all together and movng them to a new home rather than see them end up in a recue centre as cruelly threatened by the owners after all Julie has done

Please let everyone know whats happening to Iolanda and get the word out there.

Also please let Julie know if you know of any land or buildings to buy or rent  within 20 miles of Wisbech that she could move to her with her dogs

Our Crowfunder has ended now, thank you so much all those who gave and sent messages of support.

If you would still like to support us you can send directly to Julie at Iolanda Kennels or by Bank Transfer please email her for details Julie@iolandagsd.co.uk

From Our Crowdfunder Page

Iolanda Kennels was established over 40 years ago by Tina, it soon became well known for the quality German Shepherds they bred through compassion, knowledge of blood lines and desire to maintain and improve the breed. Tina Sadly passed away 3 years ago in September and the kennels passed to her family who living in Italy were unable to continue the work she had started  and decided to sell. 

Julie started working at the kennels during Tina’s last few years and Tina became very dependent on her help in all aspects of the kennels.  

Julie has now worked at the kennels for the past 9 years, which means she has seen most of the dogs arrive or born, helped raise them, trained them, loved them and sadly been there at the end for some of the older ones

 On Tina's passing Julie desperate to keep the Iolanda name alive took over the Iolanda Kennel name to make sure she could continue Tina's lifelong passion for her GSD’s

Since Tina died, the dogs have been under Julie's sole care with no days off or holidays any help she has had has been solely done by friends, family and volunteers 

The kennels were sold just over a year ago to buyers with no knowledge of dogs or boarding kennels, who perhaps saw it as an easy way to make money.

During the first 5 months she received no wages and lived off her savings, she is at the kennels 24 hours a day 7 days a week and again no days off or holidays, the owners knowing her compassion for these dogs will keep her there.

For a number of reasons the kennels are once again up for sale but not to continue as kennels so the fight is on to save these dogs from a unknown future. 

This fundraiser is so that Julie can finally own these dogs and make the right choices for them to have happy lives .It will be at another location but all that matters is knowing that the dogs that have no choices have a compassionate person to make it for them.

  This is my Dad Hettel, he loves me and I love him XX

Winner of  TOP DOG AWARD In Breed 2019

Best In Breed at Crufts 2019

CH. Hettel di Casa Mary at Iolanda 

& also at home here

CH. Draga Von Der Orangerie at Iolanda

Hettel is at stud to approved females contact us more information

Iolanda offers the best of  German Shepherds for the person interested in Showing, Working or having a Wonderful family companion with the aim always to breed great looking dogs with equally great temperaments. 

Iolanda Kennels also can offer boarding of your best friend while your away and Julie together with Anne and Karen  (all Iolanda German Shepherd owners) are passionate about giving every puppy and dog in their charge the best of care.  We can also offer help and advice on Training and hold Puppy Training Classes.

The Iolanda Cheekah Health Trust

As Iolanda Kennels starts its 3rd year under the sole management of Julie the plans to make some important changes to the breeding, care and well being of all our dogs is well under way. The Iolanda Cheekah Health Trust was started last year to help and support when needed  our older dogs that have gone to family homes.  The idea came about from Julie who on hearing the news that (10 year old) Cheekah had to under go expensive surgery offered to help pay the fees.
This Trust will is available when possible to help those who have taken on the care of our older dogs and have limited resources in times of needed treatment. 

In 2020 it's first year The Trust helped with 3 requests from owners.

If you would like to help the Trust by organizing an event or making a donation please contact Julie